Bona Fide is an intimate conversation about the commodity of modern love. As their relationship ends, Celeste and Gary savour one final night together, and part ways knowing better their own truths about love and commitment. Since its completion in 2015, Bona Fide has enjoyed festival screenings at the Chain NYC Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY, and the Paris Lift-Off Online festival. Please watch for an online release of the film in spring 2018.

Find You
RaeAnne is lost. She awakes, disoriented and unwell, deep in a forest. She finds herself faced with OLIVIA, a mysterious girl who claims to know a way to safety. But the forest is fraught with unexpected dangers and RaeAnne’s confusion makes the expedition arduous. Olivia must intervene repeatedly to protect and, eventually, jolt RaeAnne into remembering who she once was to save them both.

  The Ties That Remain
John is a pharmaceutical sales rep struggling to balance work and family life. One day he encounters Rose, an ailing elderly lady seeking closure. As they share a prolonged ride and Rose reminisces, John's view of his own world begins to shift and they both realize that life's gifts can come at any time.
Produced in conjunction with Seven25. Design & Typography., The Ties That Remain and Find You were written and directed by Isabelle Swiderski. Both films have enjoyed success at international film festivals, and have been very well received wherever they have screened.

straight 8
The following films were made in conjunction with straight 8, the London-based Super 8 film festival where filmmakers are required to make a film on a single Super 8 cartridge, in sequence, in camera, no editing. For more information, please visit: www.straight8.net

Writer, Producer & Director: Carla Olson
Voice Talent: Jamar Norick
Composer: Davor Vulama
Sound Recording: Chris McIntosh, WKAP
Sound Editing: Alex Hall, WKAP
Writer, Producer & Director: Carla Olson
Cast: Barry Grenon & Nancy Mauro
Sound Recording / Sound Design: Brandon Edwards, Wave Productions

Writer, Producer & Director: Carla Olson
Sound Recording / Sound Design: Keith White, GGRP
Truth's Beauty
Writer, Producer & Director: Carla Olson
Sound Recording / Sound Design: Keith White, GGRP