in production

The Last Hangman

Funded by Telus Storyhive’s 100K Edition, this 30min documentary sheds light on a little known part of Canada’s history.

Medicine Hat, Alberta, where Carla Olson grew up, was home to one of North America's largest Nazi POW camps. A murder took place there in 1944, and the four Nazis responsible were found guilty and sentenced to hang alongside a convicted pedophile found guilty of raping and murdering a young boy.

At the time, Carla’s Great Aunt in-law was the secretary to the last hangman in Alberta, and she may be one of the last living people directly associated with these events. The intent of the film is to unravel this story as told by Carla’s Great Aunt in-law, supplementing her experience with expert interviews and supporting facts, while exploring themes of morality and humanity, and their perplexing shades of grey.

During times of war, whose crimes are worse than another’s? A Nazi’s? A pedophile’s? A hangman’s?